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Our association is trying to give the children the opportunity to play sports with other schools from all over, as well as deepening their love and appreciation for sports. In order to reach our goal we need the help of the parents and community sponsorship to make it possible. Sports have been proven to play a vital role in the education of children teaching leadership, teamwork and time management skills. Impressionable youth learn values like discipline,responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice, and accountablity.

There are many ways that you can help. Volunteer your time, sponsor a team, help with any and all activities.

If you would like to help or make a donation, please contact us. Current officers, Joanna Gauiter, Leanne Kurtz, Tara Ferrucci or Heather Lomberk
For written submissions our address: BRMS Sports Booster Club 175 Weymouth Road, Buena, NJ 08310
For E-mail: brmssportsbooster@hotmail.com


  • Direct Donation Campaign is underway. Ask a relative, friend, business to directly support your sport or any amount they can afford
  • 2nd annual Comedy and Chinese Auction, February 21st @ Merighi's Savoy Inn.
  • Shoparoo. Download the free app on your smart device, then just shop, snap and earn money for the booster Club. It's that easy!
  • Upcoming Events:
  • DUNK THIS and DODGE THIS! Tourney's!

BRMS Booster Club is always looking for fundraising ideas.
Volunteer to be a Parent Representatives (PR) for the current and upcoming school year.
The PR will be the main contact to the team parents who will advise of the current fundraisers and cost associated with that sport. The PR will also be responsible for distributing and collecting all the materials/money associated with the fudraiser and work directly with the Booster Club Board. *An easy fundraiser for each sport is to ask for have donations of water/sports drinks and snacks and then sell them at the meets or games for a small profit.

  • Proceeds from Fundraisers that are open to all students, ie, dances, Flag Football, Dodgeball will be split evenly between the sports. If you volunteer to run a fundraiser specific to your sport, then you may request that the funds be allocated for that sport, if not it will be a general fundraiser. However, please understand that you can not use the resources of the general booster club to distribute your information. It must strictly be run by your sport and a check donated to the Booster Club as a direct donation to the specific sport. At this time we are working toward raising funds as a whole to pay for the Spring sports.

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